How It Works

MenusOnOR is quite convenient to use. Customers have to point and scan the QR code with their smartphone’s camera, taking them to an online digital menu where they can browse food and drink options.


Totally self service

MenusOnQR is a fully automated technology because it doesn’t require any staff member to come to your table and take your orders. Just scan the code and order that you want.

Easy to update and edit menus

This automation is quite a classic innovation for restaurants as they can test out new menu items, change branding, or make minor changes to a menu without having to print or distribute, unlike traditional menu. You can edit and update as per the stock pile.

Better customer data

It works intelligently in capturing the interests of customers and finalizing the most popular dishes at the particular establishment. It even monitors the behaviour of customers with the digital menu to test its effectiveness.

Cost effective

No printing and designing costs are involved here with MenusOnQR. The cost of uploading the menu with QR is a one time investment that will attract more customers to the table.


Undoubtedly, the Cocktail/Mocktail Vending Machine is easy to use and convenient to maintain. Besides that, this requires lesser time, effort and money to maintain its functioning.

Maintains hygiene

There is no need to sanitize the menu or change it after a customer leaves the table. Significantly, it means less staff at work and that maintains hygiene incredibly.

Integrates with existing restaurant system

Besides, contactless ordering and payment, it widely integrates with the waitlist and shares your data and insights for expected diners. Ultimately it helps in improving the user and restaurant experience.

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