About Us

We Complete Every Project With Extra Care As Customer Need

Chefronics is one of the most Trusted Companies that deals with Food Automation Technologies in order to deliver ease and convenience to the respective industry verticals. With an extensive team of experts, Chefronics operates in the area of automation engineering and delivers premium quality automated technologies to meet the diverse requirements of customers.

We work with a strong network of high end manufacturers from India, USA, Europe and China and offer turnkey solutions to customers by bringing experiences together with relevant skills.

Our customers can be confident that Chefronics has world-class processes in place to meet even the strictest quality standards.

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Superior Customization
  • 24/7 Free extra support
  • Higher Performance
  • Speedy delivery
Why Choose Us

We engineer advantage. Together. Worldwide.

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    With years of experience in the Food Automation Technology industry, we cater unique software and technologies with a sense of hygienic processing. Evaluating the requirements of multiple businesses and chain of operations, we offer the best automation solutions that eliminate contamination and makes the process hassle free.

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    Chefronics conducts critical scalable operations and never compromises on quality standards. We deal with high quality and premium equipment that yields fruitful results in the long term. This equipment contributes crucially to enhancing the quality control and improving the performance thereafter.

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    One point of contact for the entire job is much easier than one for each piece of equipment. At Chefronics, we partner with the best dealers in order to supply you with the most unique, latest and stand alone equipment to streamline your business operations.

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    We can customize any food automation technology that lets you beat your toughest competitors and makes your brand the smartest leader in your niche. Give us a call and explain your specifications and the extensive features required. We deliver the technology that you are exactly looking for to simplify your business operations and reduce the delivery period.

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    Chefronics has a team of qualified professionals who are actively involved in transforming, streamliningand optimizing the food automation technologyin diverse industrial markets keeping in mind the augmented and potential trends. Our consistent efforts and sustainable improvements make us the most valuable brand ever.


To become an internationally recognized food automation company andtransforming the world and the global economy with autonomous navigation, human robot collaboration and advanced technological solutions.


We are on a mission to make work and life easier and smarter by introducing smart automation and future ready technology solutions that empower businesses extensively. Chefronics is working extensively in delivering the food automated machines that can solve the problems and ease the operations with the utmost efficiency.


Our core objective is to provide smart solutions to boost productivity regardless of the business’ size by making automation easier than you can ever think of. We aim at delivering end-to-end technology and automation solutions to increase operational speed and efficiency at the workplace.