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Fully Automated PaniPuri Dispenser

How It Works

A fully automated PaniPuri Dispenser is an automated machine where there’s no panic of overflow and no human interaction is involved. This technology is introduced to promote hygiene which is often lacking at the panipuri vendors. Such dispenser is basically a no-touch contraption that works based entirely on sensors. Without any wastage, users can choose their flavor options and get served as per the quantity selected.


Cost Effective

Chefronics offers an automated PaniPuri Dispenser that is cost effective and doesn’t require any kind of help or staff for its management. Along with this, it consumes less electricity and holds an affordable yearly maintenance.

Variety of Models

This automated PaniPuri Dispenser is available in a variety of models like 3 nozzles, 5 nozzles, and more . The model often varies with the filling range and power consumption. Analyze your requirement and then place the order.

Clean and Hygienic

This machine is designed carefully to maintain 100% hygiene during the serving process. Since there’s no human intervention, you can ensure 100% cleanliness and freshness as a food grade.

Spice Level Selection

It is an automated machine with an intelligent programming. This allows customers to select their level of spice putting choices with a touch screen application.

Touch Screen Interface

PaniPuri Dispenser is a fully automated technology and completely runs on a touch screen interface. Here with just one touch, you can do everything frommixing the water to dispense the onion fillings as per your taste!

Easy to Clean

This machine is extensively used at self serving food zones, Chat food restaurants and more. Such automatic machines clean itself like a dish washer and can be mounted easily on the floor without any additional hassle.

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