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Restaurant Automation

How It Works

Chefronics is one of the leading companies that offer customizable restaurant automation technology with smart and interactive programming. This includes management of online orders, introducing robots as waiters, and holds incredible features for kitchen automation.


Restaurant management system for smarter operations

Manage online, dine in and take away orders with scrutinizedanalytics and feedback management systems.

Online Orders and Online Payments

Chefronics helps restaurants with an integrated online order management system that enables guests to order food from anywhere and ensures ease of placing an order.Customers can choose between pickup and delivery as per their convenience and make online payments with virtual wallets to speed up the bill settlement process.

Real Time Reporting and Analytics

With an intelligent restaurant management system, you can track, analyze and prepare sales and transaction report to predict trends and formulate future strategies. This helps restaurants in launching customized deals and offers to attract customers.

Robots as Waiters

Robot Waiters are the best way to reduce human to human interaction. Chefronics has understood the emerging requirement and come up with robot waiters that greet customers, serve food and pick up used dishes from diners’ tables.

Customer Relationship Management

Chefronics deals with an advanced Restaurant Automation system that helps you in creating a band of loyal customers by garnering and updating customer information based on their preferences and attitude. Many times, feedback management apps do wonders in personalizing marketing efforts.

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