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Cocktails/ Mocktails Vending Machine

How It Works

This vending machine works automatically with the help of a wireless device – Bluetooth. Here multiple recipes can be prepared.


Wireless Control

Cocktail/Mocktail Vending Machine is connected with a wireless device which means that you can make drinks through your phone just with one click.

Customizable drinks

Chefronics works one step ahead in offering customization for preparing multiple drinks. It holds an enough space to fit in your combination and deliver the best flavour ever.

Power Friendly Pumps

Chefronics offers a vending machine that has special purpose pumps. These pumps are sustainable by nature and consume very little power.

Exotic and Stylish Design

Cocktail/Mocktail is designed smartly with a perfect blend of engineered features and exotic and stylish designs for a stunning look.


Undoubtedly, the Cocktail/Mocktail Vending Machine is easy to use and convenient to maintain. Besides that, this requires lesser time, effort and money to maintain its functioning.


Chefronics comes with a promise of Zero maintenance with Cocktail/Mocktail Vending Machine. This is a connected technology and provide 1 year on site warranty on all the components to rationalize its performance. You can contact us to place an order and earn huge returns on your investments.

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